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G&I Music Management is organizing shows and events when artists are on tour. We check with promoters and venues to make sure that everything is in place as planned, from accommodation to equipment. Creating posters, flyers and other promotional material to make sure the venue is sold out. Keeping everyone on schedule so that everything can run smoothly and handling the money from shows and paying out the artists.

  • Plan local as well as international tours
  • Organise hire and delivery of equipment
  • Organise food, drinks and other necessary items
  • Advertise and promote the upcoming events
  • Contact promoters and venues to ensure the artist’s demands are met
  • Make sure that the life on the road runs smoothly for everyone involved
  • Arrange all travel plans, including flights, hotels and transfers to and from the venue
  • Ensure that all legal, financial and technical arrangements run smoothly.
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